Cosmic Waters, Acrylics on canvas


Moon moth, Acrylics on canvas

When people “see” my art, I am more or less concerned on whether or not the subject matter is understood, but, more so interested in the level of  spirit, energy, and connection one receives from viewing my work. When creating my art, I strive to be completely present and in tune with my work, letting go of all inhibitions and allowing  my creativity to be birthed through my fingertips. I use a wide range of materials such as: oils, acrylics, inks, watercolors, and colored pencils. Beginning with a basic idea or image I have in mind, from here, spontaneity takes its place. Painting what I feel at that moment; pattern, color, strokes, repetition, layer upon layer, each emphasizing the last. When at work, I am constantly reminded of the power of the imagination, and am conscious of the level of energy and love I put forth into every piece .


     The mission, to connect the imagination with the heart , for the imagination is the key to unlocking the faculties of the mind. It is a tool, a coping mechanism, a deeper understanding, a motivation, and an inspiration. My goal is to relate imagination and spirit to the masses; through art and creative processes, an array of boundless possibilities will arise.

        Tiesha Cooper, A native Californian, born in Escondido CA, draws her inspiration from the rich roots of the Pacific Northwest, and the influence of patterns from nature and the stars.  Materializing from a place of confidence and freedom, based on the sheer motivation and awe-inspiring beauty in nature, and mystery of the macrocosm; there are no mistakes, all has it’s place. In this she is fearless and intrigued as every drip of ink, breath of air, and stroke of color emanates an image of nature. Some artistic influences include Salvador Dali, Pablo Amaringo,  Alex Grey, Amanda Sage, Luis Tamani, and a multitude of other contemporary artists, who serve as a constant source of creative enlightenment.

Art by

 Tiesha Cooper

"All nature is Art, Unknown to thee;
All chance, direction, which thou canst not see; 

All discord, harmony not understood; 

All partial evil, Universal good; 

And spite of pride, Unerring reasons spite, 

One truth is clear, whatever is is Right."

                                        Alexander Pope